Step 1 - Browse & Buy

Browse our selection of social filters created by some of the best artists and developers in the world, purchase the ones that you love.

Step 2 - Prepare Filter

After instantly downloading your filter, you can open it with Facebook's Spark AR Studio, where you can play with and modify your new filter

Spark AR Studio





Step 3 - Submit

After your happy with any modifications you make you can submit your filter for approval to via the Spark AR hub

Spark AR Hub





About FilterValley

Established in 2020, we quickly found out there was a real market need for two things. Firstly, filter creators need to be compensated for their work. Secondly, the world wants access to cutting edge filter source. Filters help brands, but the entire model is broken in most social apps, that is where we come in – providing a vehicle for creators to be compensated and giving individuals and brands a place to buy the best filter for their profiles. 

Creator Centric

FilterValley is simply the best way to make money from your creations